S1E08: Guillotine

Season 1 Finale

The Daggerkin and the Cleric, Ishmael the Redeemer, engage each other in combat. Remaining towards the back of the battlefield, Grant salvages fire flasks from Edaline Lynn’s unconscious body, and manages to light the pages of holy scripture, which the Cleric controls, in flame, weakening him but temporarily turning the battlefield into a deadly whirlwind of fire. Though impeded by the pages and almost struck dead by the Cleric’s ability to call down lightning, the Daggerkin eventually manage to overwhelm him by the force of their numbers.

Barely given time to recover, they hear guards shuffling down nearby streets, but are first found by Clandestine Brotherhood members, who reveal to the Daggerkin that they have managed to capture Low Borough Sanctuary, and that Jet wishes for the Daggerkin to gather their friends and bring them there in order to assist in holding the fort. As Jordan, Bjarne and Grant (carrying along Edaline, unconscious,) head home, Anushka assists the Brotherhood men in carrying the Cleric’s corpse to the Low Borough Sanctuary.

There, she proclaims the Cleric dead, all the while lying about herself having struck him down, but the Brotherhood’s victory is short-lived, as the Sanctuary is immediately attacked by a large force of Low Borough Solar Guards, intent on recapturing the Sanctuary. Anushka escapes, alongside the weakened Brotherhood members, leaving Ishmael’s corpse behind.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the Daggerkin reach their base, but find the corpse of Two-Spoons leaning against the door. Before realizing their situation, the door to the house opens and Oscar Lupe, along with a retinue of Blackhound guards, emerges. The men force Bjarne, Grant and Jordan, as well as Corderoc from within the house, into submission, as Oscar begins questioning them about their motivations for having seemingly turned on the Cleric, Ishmael Maxim. Upon learning that the Daggerkin have killed the Cleric, Lupe almost gives his men the order to execute the captured Daggerkin, but is turn shot through the head by Enzo Jones, hiding behind cover nearby, wielding Anushka’s crossbow, Hellspit.

Taking the opportunity, Corderoc runs, followed by the other three. However, they soon encounter Solar Guard closing in upon their location. Though Corderoc manages to escape, the Solar Guard recapture and round-up the remainder of the Daggerkin, as well as Anushka, who they had caught attempting to hide from them nearby. One by one, the Daggerkin are forced to drink down a liquid, sending them spiraling into unconsciousness.

When Jordan wakes up, he finds himself in a large library within Adelheim Castle, along with a man in the midst of operating with an elongated corpse on a table. Jordan realizes the man is his father, Brent Spiritwood, who, after embracing with him, reveals himself as having been another of the five Clerics even before the Calamity. In response to Jordan’s bewilderment, he begins explaining the Cleric’s motives as being the same as though sought out by the alchemists of yonder: attaining Godhood by creating a cure-all medicine named Panacea, as well as artificial life, a concept named Homunculus.

Jordan’s father explains that a Cleric’s blood runs through Jordan’s veins, giving him the same powers as his father, and also immunizing him to any and all sort of disease, putting the Clerics closer to their goal of creating Panacea. He also reveals that the Thin Men who attacked the towns surrounding Adelheim were a result of the Clerics failing to create life, and that, the Homunculus, devoid of souls, were only capable of taking life away instead. However, he tells Jordan that he has recently discovered the recipe for creating a Homunculus with a soul, which he names Axis Anima, and which Jordan hears moving in the darkness of the ceiling above them. Brent also discloses that the rest of Jordan’s family did not survive the catastrophe eleven years prior.
Brent Spiritwood ultimately explains that the rest of the Daggerkin members are being interrogated by Lodwig the Confessor, and that Jordan has the choice of either joining the Clerics and letting his friends die, or joining them in their faith. When Jordan picks the latter, he immediately drifts into unconsciousness once more.

He awakens, alongside Bjarne and Anushka, in the Castle’s catacombs, where acolytes of the Confessor tell them that two of them will be selected for interrogation. Shackled to the wall, they are forced to wait until picked by Lodwig the Confessor himself, whose monstrous size far surpasses even Enzo’s. Jordan and Bjarne are selected for the interrogation, and brought to a separate chamber, where Jordan is questioned and Bjarne tortured for every answer deemed unsatisfactory by the Cleric. Though Bjarne loses his left index finger in the process, the Confessor ultimately succeeds in extracting information about the Daggerkin’s allies in Low Borough.

After being returned to their cell, the three ponder their escape, when the acolyte guarding their cell is suddenly slain by an unseen assaulter. The person reveals himself to be none other than Corderoc, who unbinds them and instructs them to escape the dungeon. He tells them that the tunnel connects to the castle sewer and flows into the moat, and that they must run across the fields surrounding the castle and reach Low Borough through another sewer gate near one of the watch towers on the wall separating the fields from High Borough, while Corderoc himself frees Grant and Enzo. In order to help them with their escape, he informs them that Lord Amaranthine Pendragon also entrusted a member of his household guard to their protection, and that the man would be further down the tunnel, awaiting them.

Parting with Corderoc, they encounter the guard assigned to help their escape, Clayton Price, who assists them in finding their belongings, and escorts them through the passage connecting to the Castle’s sewage system. However, they are interrupted by Axis Anima, which, in the scarce light of the tunnel, exposes itself as a large, horrid creature, formed of multiple limbs and suckling infants’ faces haphazardly sticking out of an elongated body. Despite an attempt to hide from the large homunculus, the group is discovered, and is chased by the creature. Though Bjarne manages to buy the group time by binding the creature with magical thorns, the beast catches up with the four of them as they attempt to open the sewer gates. The Daggerkin succeed in escaping only by leaving Clayton Price behind, who bids them to remember his name and tell his family of his passing.

Bjarne, Jordan and Anushka tumble into the moat and run through the plantations as per Corderoc’s instructions, noticing the guards holding torches emerging from the castle behind them. Upon finally crossing the fields and reaching their destination guard tower, they leap into combat with the tower’s impoverished defenses, barely making it out alive after a battle with three Solar Guards. However, they notice that the sewer grate lies behind yet another portcullis, and that this one is too heavy to keep raised.

Knowing that the search party from the Castle would be upon them within minutes, Anushka volunteers to stay behind and hold the gate open, knowing full well she would forfeit her life in the process. As Bjarne and Jordan exchange their good bye with Anushka and escape into the sewer, the Solar Guard search party finds Anushka, who resigns herself to death, but defiantly denounces the Clerics, proclaiming that they can and have been killed by the Daggerkin, and that Low Borough would rise against them. At the command of a Solar Guard captain, she is impaled by multiple blades and killed as a first snow falls upon the city.

Emerging from the sewers near the Scar in Low Borough, Bjarne and Jordan find the sun risen and the city awake, with town criers sharing news of Ismael the Redeemer’s death. An elderly man expresses curiosity at them coming out of the sewers, and asks them if they had heard all the morning’s gossip. When told that they hadn’t, he brings them to his house’s balcony, where they witness a gigantic smoke stack from Low Borough Sanctuary burning, but also white flags with the insignia of a dagger having sprout across the city, signaling that the common-folk of Daggerheim had witnessed and shared accounts of the Daggerkin being responsible for the Cleric’s death.



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