S1E05: Who We Are

The episode opens where the previous left off, with Anushka making her way home to the base. Along the way, she stops as she notices a poster sporting an illustration of her own face, along side others depicting the other members of the Daggerkin, each with a small crest of a black dog. She takes one and continues along her way.

At the base, the other members hear a knock upon their door and open it to three members of the Clandestine Brotherhood, one of which Bjarne recognizes as being one of his muggers. The two factions eye each other uneasily before the Brotherhood members push their way in, urging them to set their differences aside and focus on a more pressing matter: the Blackhound gang, another large faction in Low Borough, has set a bounty on their heads, allegedly for collapsing one of their mines and for the murder of Ashron, who was in charge of the Garden of Roses. The Brotherhood members reveal that Jet is uneasy because, should Blackhound find the Daggerkin on Brotherhood territory, the situation may escalate into a bloody fight between the two factions. Bjarne’s mugger also reveals that, following his punishment at the hands of Jet, Loic is still having shards of teeth pulled out of his guns, and that the third mugger was slain by Enzo “in two strokes” during their confrontation at the Wasted Space. When Anushka joins the others back at the base, she holds back from divulging that she killed Ashron, a fact the other Daggerkin are clueless about.

Enzo, barely able to walk without assistance, discusses with the Daggerkin what to do about the bounty set upon their heads and advises that the only effective way to remove it would be to prove to Blackhound that it is more trouble than it is worth. He urges the group to attempt to take out the Blackhound leaders, possibly with the help of the Clandestine Brotherhood. Bjarne and Jordan vividly oppose the notion of asking for Jet’s help, speculating that they may not make it out of the den with their lives. Instead, the Daggerkin split into two groups, with Anushka and Bjarne choosing to ask Edaline Lynn for help, and Jordan and Grant heading to the Wizard’s Cauldron in order to retrieve information from the Weaslers.

When Jordan, carrying a concealed Grant, arrives at the Wizard’s Cauldron, Roland takes them into a pantry and chastises them on the danger of having gone outside in public in their present situation. He, however, informs them on there being two leaders to the Blackhound Gang: a man in charge of operations, named Oswald Lupe, and his right-hand man in charge of keeping the gang’s soldiers in line, named Ymir Lock. Roland also gives them a lead about a man who is known to have direct connections with Lupe, named Skollkin, who operates mainly from Arjolack’s.
When Jordan and Grant exit the building from the trash chute, they immediately notice they are being followed, and lead their stalker into an alley. The cloaked man attacks them with a telescopic spear and manages to wound Jordan, but he and Grant fight back and eventually force the assailant to retreat. Jordan and Grant return home.

Meanwhile, Bjarne and Anushka make their way to the Soup Kitchen and manage to reach an agreement with Edaline Lynn: she will assassinate Ymir Lock, whom she knows to be the Blackhounds’ second-in-command, if the Daggerkin can promise her 20-days worth of rations as payment. Before leaving, Bjarne openly attempts to romance Edaline, but she turns him down immediately.

The group meet at the base once again to share their newly gathered information, and decide that Anushka and Bjarne should be the ones to go to Arjolack’s, given Jordan’s bad reputation there and that Grant would likely easily be recognized by potential bounty hunters.

When the two arrive at Arjolack’s, they easily find Skollkin, an a handsome young deliveryman who seems to be well-liked by the other patrons. When Anushka approaches the table, Skollkin greets her with dismissive jokes, but she easily lures him elsewhere and, with Bjarne’s help, forces his co-operation through intimidation, eventually forcing him to agree to bring them to Oswald Lupe. Skollkin is eventually brought back to the base and divulges the secrets to Lupe’s manor’s location and defenses, revealing that it is minimally guarded but at close proximity to Blackhound barracks.

The next day, the Daggerkin, guided by Skollkin, set out early in the morning to effect their assassination plan, but run into drunk Blackhound soldiers. Anushka leads the group through alleys and manages to circumvent all but one of the men, who she slays, throwing the cowardly Skollkin into a fit of panic. The group attempts to chase him, but all but Anushka fail to keep up with him. When she finally catches up to him, she also comes face to face with Grant and Bjarne’s assailant. The two battle, and neither manages to gain the upper hand on the other, until Edaline Lynn appears to assist Anushka. Together, they both manage to incapacitate and ultimately kill the assailant, whom Edaline reveals to be Ymir Lock, the Blackhound second-in-command. When the others catch up, Jordan shows his healing ability to Edaline, who immediately associates him with the clerics, before walking away.

The group finally arrive upon Lupe’s Manor and makes quick work of the sentinels through Grant’s magic. They question one of the men, whom Anushka decides to spare, clashing with Jordan’s insistence on leaving no “loose ends.” The group decide to leave the man bound and gagged, and send Skollkin back to the base before proceeding inside.

Once inside, the Daggerkin struggle to subdue the innocent menservants without killing them, eventually resigning themselves to do so in order not to jeopardize their operation. Anushka chases a young female servant to the rook and attempts to subdue her before a distress pigeon is sent to a nearby barrack, but is attacked by behind and nearly thrown out a window. Though she manages to slay the manservant who attacked her, she nearly kills the young woman she had chased to the rook in the process, whom she feels guilty for, and carries injured to the rest of the group.
Meanwhile, the others find Oswald Lupe and his family confined to the kitchen. Lupe hastily offers parlay, insisting that the Daggerkin were tricked into attempting his murder by Jet, and that the Clandestine Brotherhood had set the bounty hunt, immediately drawing Grant’s skepticism. Lupe also reveals that Jet’s father was a founding member of the Coalition of the Phoenix, and that, should the Daggerkin opt to side with Blackhound against the Brotherhood, he would welcome them into the gang and assist them in doing so.
The Daggerkin agree to this, and reluctantly shake on the deal, all the while accepting a large payment from Lupe for his and his family’s lives. When asked whether it was Skollkin who lead them to the base, the group lies to Lupe. Jordan heals the young female servant, named Eleanor, and the group decide to carry her back to the base to ensure her recovery.
As they leave the manor, they witness pigeons flying away from the rook, and Bjarne uses his ability to speak to animals to call one over, intercepting Lupe’s message to “call off the bounty,” heavily implying that he had lied about it being the Brotherhood’s idea, and that Blackhound had set it in the first place.

When the Daggerkin return home, they set free Skollkin, telling him that no danger will come to home. After hearing the turn of events, and learning that neither the Clandestine Brotherhood or Blackhound are after them for the moment, Enzo praises the situation as “equilibrium,” while leaving the Daggerkin to think about whether either of the two groups are to be trusted.

S1E05: Who We Are

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